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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Building Regulations and why must I comply?

Building Regulations are a set of minimum standards which buildings must adhere to ensure the structure is safe for persons in and around the building as well as being suitable for people of different abilities and reduce energy consumption. Building Regulations are enforced by all local authorities throughout England and Wales.

Can I obtain a Building Regulations Certificate for retrospective work?

Yes. If work has been carried out on a property without Building Regulations approval, a process called regularisation is available to bring the work up-to-standard or in some cases simply approve the work which has been done if it is deemed fit and already meets regulations.

Why do I need Building Regulations Approval?

Building regulations approval is not only a legal requirement but also the key to maintaining a safe environment for yourself/tenants/your family.

The resale of your property can also be greatly affected depending on whether or not you have building regulations approval to prove that any work carried out meets regulations and that the new owner will not have to carry out work to ensure that the property is a safe environment.

How much does it cost for Building Regulations inspection/approval?

The cost varies depending on the size of the property and therefore the time it will take to survey. Following the submission of your application, you will be provided with quote. If you’d like to discuss this ahead of submitting your application, then please contact a member of our expert team.

Does the price of the service also include any work that needs to be done?

No, any non-compliant work that comes to light during inspection will be your responsibility to correct.

Regulations are there to keep you and others safe. Failure to comply post-inspection or failure to seek approval can result in a maximum fine of £5000 as well as an additional fine of £50 for every day the work remains non-compliant.

Who decides on the standards of regulation?

Building Regulations are formed under the laws enforced in the Building Act 1984. The majority of new buildings are required to conform to these regulations to ensure the safety of occupants.

To view the latest edition of the Building Act 1984 (as of 20/07/2018) visit the LABC website here.

My plans have been rejected. What’s the next step?

Part of our expert service is to work with you to ensure that any plans of proposed building work comply with the Building Regulations in place at the time of construction.

If there are non-compliant proposals in a plan, then a rejection notice may be issued. The problem areas within the plan will be noted and we will work with you to ensure that the amended version meets regulations so that works can proceed.


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