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Barn Conversion

The Linked Barn, is a prestigious barn conversion developed at Dunston Grange Farm by the two-time LABC award winning bespoke construction firm, Lynnic Associates Ltd. DBCP worked with RIBA Chartered architect Jillian Mitchell, of Project Logistics Architecture and Lynnic Associates from the first sketch to make the vision of the ‘Million Pound House’ come to life.

“I wanted to build a million pound house,” explains Stephen Corrigan, owner Lynnic Associates Ltd.

Lynnic Associates Ltd appointed RIBA Chartered architect Jillian Mitchell, of Project Logistics Architecture to make the vision of the ‘Million Pound House come to life and DBCP worked with the architect and builder from the first sketch.

Built using bespoke, traditional craft methods, the house has been completed to a high standard re-using many of the original construction materials.

It boasts a solid walnut staircase and oak beams which contrast with an ultra-modern cantilever roof and glass walls which join two barns together to create a stunning three bedroom property with large open plan kitchen and living area.

Working closely with the team on a project such as this ensured we could advise on the conversions and ensure that met regulatory standards where both existing and new materials were used.

Being predominantly clay, our local knowledge of the ground conditions assisted with the project. The owner of Lynnic Associates acknowledged “getting services to the site was a nightmare.”

Clay can be an unstable ground material and is known to shrink and expand far more than other types of soil, resulting in subsidence and ground heave.

Providing expert advice on overcoming some of the issues which came to light allowed everything to continue smoothly and each milestone was reached on time.

Barns are almost always of a single-skin construction, meaning there is no cavity between walls. In order to meet Building Regulations Part L, the barn needed an additional wall building to provide the cavity space for the insulation. The property has achieved a ‘B’ energy rating.

Our expert building control surveyors provided guidance in the construction and design of the interior walls which not only brought the building up to standard but allowed the exterior of the property to retain its original character and charm.

For more information on how we can help to get your projects completed on time and to regulatory standards, get in touch with our team of experts.

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