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Derbyshire Building Control Partnership provides key services for the construction sector.

1. Building Regulations

Very simply, Building Regulations are rules that try to ensure all new construction, conversions, alterations and extensions are built to a minimum standard and meet certain health, safety and welfare conditions.

For the building work you are proposing you may or may not need Building Regulation consent (this is in addition to any Planning Permission you may need).

Whatever stage you are at we recommend that you discuss your ideas with one of our team as this initial enquiry will often provide valuable experience and foresight on the process that could save you money.

2. Demolitions

Anyone intending to demolish a building is in most instances required to serve a notice on the Local Authority under Section 80 of the Building Act 1984. The notice should be accompanied by a site location plan.

Building Control will then consult with the relevant parties and where appropriate consent to demolish will be issued together with any conditions, which must be complied with when the demolition is carried out.

It may also be necessary to obtain consent under the Town and Country Planning Act before the building is demolished.

For further advice on demolitions you should contact us here or complete a Demolition Application here.

3. Dangerous Structures

If you are concerned that a building or structure may be dangerous, you can contact the Derbyshire Building Control Partnership. In the interest of public safety we will aim to give immediate attention to dangerous structures.

To notify us of a dangerous building please complete the form here or if it requires immediate attention call us on 0333 880 2000 during office hours or Carelink out of hours.

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